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Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 - TERRA with Bluetooth

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TERRA has a large display with luminescent backlight, which simultaneously indicates units of measurement, measurement error, threshold level and real time, as well as ten-segment analog indicator of registered radiation intensity.

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Purpose of Use

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent rate (DER)

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent (DE)

  • Measurement of surface beta-particles flux density

  • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent accumulation time

  • Real time measurement (clock), alarm clock



  • Big display with luminescent backlight.

  • Simultaneous indication of units of measurement, measurement errors, threshold level and real time on the display.

  • Analog ten-segment indicator of registered radiation intensity.

  • Ability to perform measurements with a preset error.

  • Four-level indication of battery discharge.

  • Built-in memory which allows storing up to 1200 measurements.

  • Mode of PC connection via Bluetooth.

  • Five independent measuring channels with alternate indication of data on the single liquid crystal display.

  • Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter.

  • Prompt evaluation of gamma background within 10 seconds.

  • Automatic subtraction of gamma background at measurement of beta contamination.

  • Measurement results averaging, manually and automatically interrupted.

  • Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges.

  • Audio, vibration and vibration-audio alarm of each detected gamma-quantum or beta-particle that can be switched off.

  • Two-tone audio, vibration and vibration-audio alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels.

  • Two AAA batteries.

  • Shock-resistant body.

  • Small weight and dimension parameters.



Measurement ranges and main relative errors:
Gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent rate (137Cs) µSv/h 0.1…9 999;
  % ±(15+2/H*(10)), where  H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to µSv/h
Gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent (137Cs) mSv 0.001…9 999;
Beta-particles flux density (90Sr+90Y) 1/(cm²×min) 10…100 000;
  % ±(20+200/φβ), where φβ is a numeric value of measured beta-particles flux density equivalent to part./(cm²×min)
Ambient dose equivalent accumulation time and accuracy of measurement 1 min…9 999 h; ±0.1 s per 24 h
Energy ranges of measurement and energy dependence:
Gamma and X-ray radiation MeV 0.05…3.0; ±25%
Beta radiation MeV 0.5…3.0
Resolution of threshold level programming for:


  • – dose rate
  • – dose
  • – flux density
Battery life* hours 1 500
Operating temperature range °С -20…+50
Weight kg 0.2
Dimensions mm 120×52×26


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